EDS Finds Apprentices of the Future

Before school was out for the summer primary school pupils at Caerphilly’s Hendredenny Park Primary School were treated to a visit from our own Paul Edwards (Managing Director) and James Bramwell (Diving Operations Manager).

Paul and James arrived at the school in one of our EDS Dive vans, kitted out with a selection of our dive equipment. The children were encouraged to be very hands on, some tried on the dive helmets whilst others felt the weight of the long umbilical’s.

Paul gave a talk about the what divers do, and explained the different types of equipment and accessories they use like Finns (not Flippers, Flipper is a Dolphin!) and then invited the children outside to see the inside of the Dive van. The children were encouraged to climb aboard and see the Dive control panel. They learnt about the gauges which control the flow of air to the Diver when he is in the water. Paul and James also explained how the rest of the team communicate with the Diver when he is submerged in the water. The children liked trying the comms system to relay messages to their friends on the control panel.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with Paul and James and asked some interesting questions, they might have even encouraged the next generation of EDS Apprentices! #FutureTeamEDS