Lloyds Bank – By your side!

The Lloyds Bank’s slogan By your side was taken quite literally this week when we had the pleasure of hosting a senior delegation from their Commercial Banking group, who have recently supported our expansion into new larger premises.

Keen to understand our business and our world of underwater engineering, Paul Gordon (Managing Director, Relationship Management, Business & Commercial Banking at Lloyds Banking Group) volunteered himself for a try dive alongside one of our diving engineers, Kyle Bugler, in our new Dive Tank, whilst having a tour of our new premises.

Our Dive Tank, recently back from the Seawork exhibition in Southampton, had been primed ready.  It was a great opportunity to for our guests; Paul Gordon (Managing Director, Relationship Management, Business & Commercial Banking at Lloyds Banking Group), Samantha Noble (Area Director South Wales Commercial Banking at Lloyds Banking Group), and Matthew Evans (Relationship Manager at Lloyds Banking Group) to see first hand what we do and what their support has enabled at our fantastic new premises.

As you can see from the photos Paul was happy to get dressed in a suit and step into our tank alongside Kyle, to experience how different engineering is underwater, he even successfully bolted two flanges together!  The EDS team were on hand to make sure everything happened safely, a big thank you to everyone from our team who helped out on the day. Our own Paul Edwards was very impressed, and said if he ever grows tired of the banking world we might well have an opening for him, he even gave him an EDS T-shirt to prove it!

You’ve built a fabulous business, created jobs, invested in skills and careers for so many people including apprentices, and you and your team perform critical and challenging operations, in difficult circumstances, under water, which benefits thousands and thousands of people.

Amazing business and an amazing team doing seemingly impossible jobs. Total respect to you all. Especially as you make it look so easy!