Viaduct Refurbishment in North Wales National Park

EDS were recently commissioned to assist with the water level aspects of a wider project to refurbish a rail timber viaduct situated over a river running through a North Wales National Park.

EDS worked closely and tirelessly to plan this task with the client as the work had to be completed within a controlled time span. The impact of the work moving outside the time plan would have had a detrimental effect to the client and wider public.

The Challenge involved refurbishing and replacing 16 greenheart timber spans each supported by timber trestles that provide support to the longitudinal spanning rail beams. This had to be done within 16 days below the low tide mark. Specialist diving activities were carried out to complete the task including underwater hydraulic Chainsawing, and bespoke, innovative track mounted lifting systems were created

#teamEDS completed the work 3 days ahead of schedule, and the client gave high praise to the EDS team for their work ethic and professionalism. This is just another example of EDS striving to be a leader in their field.