EDS achieve triple ISO certification all in one go!

EDS are pleased to announce we have had our Integrated Management System accredited to ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001, all in one go. We have operated our IMS for many years but had never found the time to pursue UKAS accreditation. 

The expansion of our Compliance team in 2018,  with Amy Kelleher in Administration, Lisa Jenkins in HR & Communication and Sally Walding in Technical Process,  have all provided invaluable extra resource to ensure all our internal systems work effectively and all our good work is documented.

With this A team in place, EDS decided to go for a triple accreditation, all in one go. With the guidance and advice of Adrian Brian of RISG Solutions (http://www.risgsolutions.co.uk/), we collectively set a programme to achieve full certification within a 6 month timeframe, which at the time was described as ambitious!

Our Stage 1 assessment visit couldn’t have gone better and our Stage 2 visit was fast-tracked to January 2020. A full 6 day audit of our triple ISO system and array of site operations were assessed by The British Assessment Bureau Auditor.

We were delighted to receive a very positive report and successful accreditation, with no non-conformances or observations. Although we can’t rest on our laurels, we have plenty of work to  maintain these very high standards for next years assessment!

This result is a credit to everyone in the EDS team, from Sally our ISO coordinator to the Supervisors and Team Leaders recording and evidencing their communications, improvements and actions.

Well Done Team EDS!