Essential Repairs in Challenging Locations

A couple of weeks ago EDS were asked to undertake repairs to a local culvert, which became a perfect example of our company purpose Engineering solutions in challenging locations for a safer environment.

This culvert presented a very tight confined space that didn’t attract too many volunteers, but without our engineering repairs the damage would eventually result in collapse which could lead to flooding and highway disruption.

As you can see from the photograph Rhys Price our Civil Manager is not afraid to lead from the front and made sure the work was completed to our expected high standards, despite not having room for the bucket!

When taking on new recruits we always tell them working in confined space’s is not for everyone, and here you can see why. Our teams are all trained to the City and Guild Medium Risk or High Risk and Rescue. Every job has a bespoke detailed risk assessment and method statement to plan out the work and fully brief the team.

For this particular job the team had to prepare the culvert by removing loose invert material and cast a new mass concrete invert in two different locations. There were also a number of masonry repairs as shown in the photo.  Rhys manoeuvred into the space to make sure the concrete reaches all the specific areas, not leaving weak spots, to ensure the structure remains stable for years to come.