Reservoir Valve Installation

During the country’s lockdown, through the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, EDS have worked continuously and consistently to maintain, repair and support key critical infrastructure.

In Wales our supply of clean and fresh drinking water is thankfully plentiful, but the hard work that goes into keeping it flowing to our homes, hospitals and factories is often far from people’s minds.  The huge effort, hard work and determination of a service industry that has kept everything working despite both flooding and drought during this pandemic is something that we at EDS are proud to be part of.

As with numerous reservoirs in Wales, this reservoir was built at the end of the 19th Century, the maintenance and repair of such essential infrastructure is vitally important to not only supply our big cities but our small communities too. We were asked to assist with the submerged installation of a gate valve and its control equipment to provide a new scour isolation solution in a reservoir that supplies drinking water to the city of Swansea and its surrounding area. We adopted our risk assessed Covid safety measures back in March and have continued to work safely since, ensuring our clients and their critical services were supported and the wider communities were not let down.