ROV with Sonar – our latest addition

EDS are delighted with the latest addition to our specialist equipment fleet, a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) complete with  Sonar and manipulator arm. This innovative technology will greatly enhance our capability for subsurface inspection, surveys and even certain types of recovery, expanding our services and providing improved capability for our clients.

The ROV comes complete with the Teledyne BlueView V Series 2D imaging sonar which has been developed exclusively for  our new VideoRay Pro 4 ROV. It is ideal for underwater detection and identification tasks in low or zero visibility conditions,  providing  both midrange detection and close-range identification capabilities from moving or stationary platforms.

Applications for this innovative combination of equipment include:-

  • ROV Navigation
  • Object Detection
  • Diver Safety
  • Target Tracking
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Equipment/Tool Placement
  • Search & Recovery
  • Area Survey

Our team enjoyed master class training from Atlantas Marine, who demonstrated the features and functions of this highly capable equipment and provided expert training for our team in the operation and maintenance of our ROVs, Pro 3 & Pro 4, including the additional features of our new addition. With our new technical capability, we are excited at the prospect of providing even more valuable services to our clients. If you think you have a challenge for our new services, please give us a call.

For more information about the range of technical equipment we use and is available for hire please see Our Equipment page.