Concrete slipway repairs : Working with low spring tides

As many of you know spring tides have nothing to do with the seasons and everything to do with the gravitational pull of the moon and sun as they align twice a month, creating higher and lower tides than usual.

These low spring tides provide extra windows of opportunity for EDS to conduct types of work that are unreachable the rest of the time. Such a case arose at the end of August, when a client requested EDS completed civil repair work to a slipway in Pembrokeshire. This work required a significant level of planning, utilising spring tides means everything must go smoothly, as the next window of sufficiently low water may not occur for some time.

The slipway in question had severe undercutting and scouring, to prevent this worsen EDS were tasked with carrying out concrete repairs to the slipway making the most of the spring tide. We used an effective method of special formwork accounting for the steep gradient, concrete additive for rapid setting and lots of physical hard work, all ensured the job went successfully to plan.  By back filling the undercut and pouring new supporting sides, the slipway was repaired and reinforced against further erosion.

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